Different Kitchen Zones to Create Your Fitted Kitchens Hertfordshire

Kitchen is a usual part of everyone’s house because that is the place where you prepare food and store food. It is very important to plan the design of your kitchen because you will be working there everyday for the preparation of the food of your family. It is very important to have a kitchen that has everything you need in it. As much as possible, it would be better to always have food there. It does not matter whether the kitchen is big or not. There are different styles of kitchens. One of them is the fitted kitchen. Fitted kitchens Hertfordshire are popular to people in Hertfordshire because it does not just occupy small space but it also looks good when planned properly. There are three zones to be considered. They are the cooking zone, storage zone, and cleaning zone.

Cooking Zone

The cooking zone is the part of the kitchen where you cook. There should be enough space for all the things that you do while you are cooking. Aside from the stove, you need a place to prepare the things that you are going to cook.

Storage Zone

The next zone would be the storage zone and based from its name, it is used to store things that you need in cooking. You will need to have the right storage from your different kinds of food. The food should be placed to a safe place where it will not be spoiled.

Cleaning Zone

Lastly, the kitchen should have a cleaning zone in order for you to clean all the things that you used for cooking. There should be a sink where you can easily get water for cleaning. You need to remember that a kitchen should always be kept clean because things you do there involves food.